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Mail-in Product Photography

10 images: $300 · 20 Images: $600 · 30 Images: $900

You have beautiful products to offer, and a unique brand story to tell. Whether you have a brick + mortar business or an online shop, I'm here to help you strengthen your brand, captivate your audience, deepen personal connections with like-minded peers, and create genuine relationships with your clients, all through the use of storytelling and intentional, refined imagery that evokes emotion!

Mail-in product photography is the perfect solution for businesses that need a beautiful, curated set of imagery featuring a product, collection, or offering! The result? A cohesive gallery that has been intentionally styled and photographed to represent your products and brand in an authentic way, highlight the quality of your work, and attract your ideal clients through aesthetics and storytelling!

+ Brand questionnaire
+ Product styling
+ Private online gallery
+ High resolution images
+ Blog feature highlighting your story/products
+ Email support

Please note in your inquiry how you’ll be using the images. For use beyond the clients website/shop, blog, social media accounts, additional licensing may need to be purchased. Learn more in the FAQ’s below.

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Custom Content Club (Monthly Subscription!)

Choose From 3 or 6 month increments
Choose From 10, 20, or 30 Images/month

You wear a lot of hats: CEO, head of marketing, salesman/woman, designer, shop keeper, shipper, HR rep, accountant, and so much more. Let me help you take "photographer" off that list, and give you one less thing to worry about!

Built for businesses that want to work together on a recurring basis, the Custom Content Club is a product photography subscription that gives you a new set of imagery every month! Simply ship out your products, making it easy to work together no matter where you are located, then forget about the photography — saving yourself valuable time, and never wondering what to post again!

+ Brand questionnaire
+ Product styling
+ Private online gallery
+ High resolution images, delivered each month
+ Blog feature highlighting your story/products
+ Email support
+ Payment plan available

Save up to $150! A $50 discount will be applied when selecting 10 images/month, $100 when selecting 20 images/month, or $150 when selecting 30 images/month!

Please note in your inquiry how you’ll be using the images. For use beyond the clients website/shop, blog, social media accounts, additional licensing may need to be purchased. Learn more in the FAQ’s below.

Voyage + Heart - Food Photographer - Food Blogger - Recipe Blogger - Recipe Development - Food Styling And Photography

Food Styling + Photography

Recipe Development: Starting at $1500

For culinary brands that need new recipes to share with their audience or customers, but don’t have the time for all that it entails. If you need to develop a recipe featuring your product or specific ingredients, I’d love to discuss the details and come up with an idea that would suit your target audience. For recipe creation, I’m particularly focused on hors d'oeuvres, pastries, and desserts, but am also happy to create recipes which include chicken or fish. Expect to receive 3-5 images. Limited spots available.

Updated Content: Starting at $800

For culinary brands that have tried-and-true recipes, but need updated photography for their website, publications, or menus. I’m available for a wide range of food styling and photography projects. Expect to receive 3-5 images.

Recipe Bloggers: Starting at $350

Are you a recipe blogger that’s too busy in the kitchen to have the energy to photograph your work? Keep your audience engaged with mouthwatering photos of both new content (no recipe development) or old (updating the images for existing recipes) to share on your blog and social media platforms. Send me the recipe and instructions, and I’ll make, style, and photograph it! For more than three recipes/month, you’ll receive a 20% discount! Expect to receive 5-7 images.

Magazine Partnerships: Quote Based Per Image/Story

For magazines looking for new content, or licensing for existing content that coincides nicely with a current story.

Please email me for an accurate quote based on your food photography needs and usage. Licensing for usage rights may also be purchased for existing imagery, when available.


Asked + Answered


Are you ready to stop blending in with everybody else? Do you want to eliminate the competition, turn visitors into fans, and be more profitable doing what you love? Are you ready to reach those dream clients the ones who are invested in and truly care about your business? Are you frustrated by lack of quality images you're representing your business with, or using stock images because you don't have photos of your own products? Do you worry about what content to post, or find that you don't have new content to share? Do you find yourself wearing dozens of hats as an entrepreneur, without enough time to add “photographer” to the list as well?

If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, brand photography is for you! Whether you've been in business for one month (start off on the right foot, and present a professional and high end look from the start!) or 10 years (it's never too late!), there's no better time than now to start attracting your ideal clients! 



I'm delighted to be offering mail-in photography options, making it easy to work together no matter where you are located! Simply ship me your products (if you would like the products returned after the shoot, please include a pre-paid label in the original shipment), which I'll then style and photograph. Three weeks from the start date, you’ll have access to a gallery of beautiful, on-brand images!


The Custom Content Club is a monthly subscription (payment plan included) built especially for businesses that want to work together on a recurring bases… a long-term solution to the photography needs every small business is bound to have! Stop scrambling to take a photo of your products to share on social media, or worrying about which photo to share next, and let me take care of the photography. Get back to what you do best — creating, and living out your passion!


There isn't a set rule here! You can provide one shipment at the beginning of your subscription with 3/6 months worth of products, alternate months, or send new collection of products every month. If you have specific questions about how many products to send or how often to ship new ones out, drop me a line.

Why Is There A range of pricing For Food Styling/Photography?

The range takes into account usage, as well as the intensity of your recipe/project which may vary greatly. Please email me with details of your project for an accurate quote.

Where Can I Use These Photos?

Imagery may be used on the client’s website/shop, blog, and social media accounts! For use beyond this (i.e.: if the photos need to be reproduced by third parties, on the e-commerce website of retailers, magazines, advertisements, educational courses, etc), simply make a note in your inquiry. A commercial license may need to be purchased, granting additional usage rights. The quote is based on industry standards and on a per image basis, which is particularly helpful if only select images need to be licensed for further use. Voyage + Heart retains the copyright. For more information read this blog post, or feel free to reach out with any questions!


Yes! I have a carefully curated collection of props that I’ve built up over time, and which I’d be happy to incorporate into your photos. That said, working with many different types of businesses, there's no guarantee that what I have will be a good fit for the aesthetic for every brand, so my collection is more to assist with what you provide, or fill in the gaps. It isn't meant to act as a complete prop collection for any one shoot, and would get repetitive very quickly if I used them for every client. To ensure images feel unique to your brand, I suggest including a few small props in your shipment (i.e.: if you’re a stationer, this could be paper twine, ribbon in a specific pallet, or vintage stamps).