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Why I Chose Pixieset To Host My Client Galleries

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I recently made the switch from a well-known photo-hosting site to Pixieset, as an option to send client galleries. Today I wanted to share a few of the reasons behind this change.

If you’re a photographer, read on to learn why making the switch yourself may not only enhance your client experience, but save you time and energy as well! Not a pro? This is still a great solution for freeing up space on your computer, and safely storing your personal photos online.

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If you’re a business owner, you know how how expensive it is to keep things running, so finding ways to save without reducing quality is always a victory! On the previous platform I was using, each gallery cost me $29, which quickly added up. With Pixieset, you get 3GB of storage completely free, no strings attached. Once you’ve hit that limit, you can choose which tier to upgrade to, and pay monthly or annually (saving 20%), which is much easier on the wallet.

Upload times

With other photo-hosting sites, I’ve found that the upload times are extremely slow. I’m talking hours. It was painful. Not to mention, I needed a desktop app in order to upload the photos. With Pixieset, not only are upload speeds much faster, but it’s all web-based, meaning I don’t have to download a special app just to upload my photos, saving space on my hard drive and keeping things running smoothly. Better yet, with Pixieset, unlike it’s competition, you aren’t getting pop-up after pop-up, asking you to input information before uploads can complete. It’s so much simpler, saves me a headache, and actually makes me enjoy using the app!

Expiration dates

I love that I can set custom expiration dates for each gallery, choosing the amount of time my clients have to download their images before it’s deleted or hidden from the homepage. This allows me to remove galleries that are no longer active, free up storage space, or keep my public homepage clean and representative of only my most recent work.


Pixieset offers two main ways to protect your galleries. You can set a custom password that locks your gallery, and makes it impossible to view unless entered, meaning if the public happens upon your Pixieset homepage, they can view only the cover image and title — not the images within the gallery. The second level of protection Pixieset offers is a randomly generated PIN that is sent to your clients, which will be needed to download the photos. This means only those with access to the PIN can download the images from any particular gallery. You can choose set both of these options, one, or neither, depending on the level of privacy and security you would like your gallery to have.


Pixieset is a gorgeous platform, that very much coincides with my style. It’s clean, easy to navigate, and just plain beautiful. You can customize cover pages and styles, choose between a light or dark interface, and more. It gives the client a beautiful way to view their gallery, and really enhances their overall experience.

Email templates

Customize emails with the click of a button, choosing which information to include. After you write your message, at the bottom of the email, everything your client needs to access their images — like their gallery password or expiration — is beautifully laid out in a way that they can’t miss!

Easy downloads and a mobile app

Have you ever heard the phrase “go the extra mile, it’s never crowded”? Client experience is extremely important for me, and I always want to make sure that the people who put their trust in me feel well taken care of. If you’re paying for photos, they should be easily accessed. Don’t you agree? The Pixieset app means your gallery is available at the click of a button, making it easy to download images or post to social media even while on the go!

Community and support

I admit, this isn’t something I’ve used, but I’ve heard nothing but rave reviews about Pixieset’s customer support. From their response time, to their helpfulness, to their taking feedback seriously and genuinely wanting to make the platform better, I feel confident that should the need ever arise, they will do everything in their power to provide me with a positive experience.

In the spirit of honesty, here are a couple reasons Pixieset may not be a good option for you. Note that neither of these concerns deterred me from using Pixieset, as I feel the benefits far outweigh them.


When I used a different photo-hosting site, branding was automatically included. While Pixieset does give you the option to customize your homepage and gallery covers with your logo or favicon, it’s for upgraded accounts only. If you’re looking for cohesiveness between your website and client portal, this may be a problem. That said, their default is very clean and modern, and not at all distracting or unprofessional.


With Pixieset, there are different tiers for different storage levels. Depending on how many photos you upload, you may find the storage options with Pixieset to be limiting for the price points. If space is your biggest priority, do some research, and you’re likely to find other platforms offer better options.