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Why Product Photography Is Valuable!

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Maybe you’re wondering if you actually need to hire a product photographer. After all, you have a fancy camera (even if it is perpetually stuck on the auto setting). Or maybe your friends-brothers-cousins-boyfriend is a budding photographer and can take photos for free. Perhaps you’re unsure about the value of outsourcing this necessary task. Maybe you thought hiring a photographer was only for high-budget brands (the ones that were really successful) and not something you can afford? Guess again! You don’t have to spend your entire savings account or rack up credit card debt!

Professional product photography is a WORTHY investment for any business, new or old! Here are just a few reasons why:

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Show Your Professionalism And Credibility

Consistency is key!

If you take a look at the Instagram feeds of your favorite brands, what do you notice? More than likely, you won’t see blurry or poorly lit cell phone snaps, or reposts from customers. This doesn’t tell your audience that your work is of quality. What you’ll see is the same quality, lighting, and editing style. In other words, they’re cohesive!

Your most valuable asset when it comes to attracting new clients is, without a doubt, your imagery! The very first thing potential clients judge you on when they come across your social media feed or website is your visuals, which means it should be the first thing you invest in when you’re ready to up level your business and attract your dream clients! It’s what makes them decide to stay or go. To buy from you or your competition.

By sharing a carefully curated selection of thoughtful, intentional imagery that belongs together, you’ll portray a professional appearance and tell visitors that they can trust you, and that you are worthy of their investment! IT’S POWERFUL.

Attract your Target Market And Create Connection

People don’t buy goods and services. They buy relations, stories, and magic.” —Seth Godin

When we buy from a particular brand, it’s often not because of the product or service they offer (you can always find a competitor). It’s because of the FEELINGS associated with that brand! The vast majority of our interactions these days are online, and visual branding is a key element in creating this experience, this magic, that keeps people coming back for more!

The images you post to your website, shop, blog, and social media accounts are vital in portraying the feelings you want associated with your brand, evoking emotion in the viewer, and ultimately spreading your message! It’s THIS connection that makes you stand out, and tells potential customers that you’re the right fit for them!

It’s time to invite your audience to stay, get to know you, and fall in love with your brand! Through the use of creative styling, intentional photography, and visual storytelling, we’ll work together to create images designed to fulfill your specific needs, show off the quality of your work, and attract your dream customers!

Drive Sales

By sharing professional photography, you’re telling visitors you care about your business, the products you offer, and the experience your customers have. Combined with the points above, this gives your audience CONFIDENCE in your brand, driving up sales!

If you’re ready for a follow-worthy feed that CONVERTS visitors into paying clients, take less than two minutes from your day to fill out this form, and let’s talk about how product photography can elevate your business and help you connect with your dream clients, so that you can MAKE MORE SALES and spend more time doing what you love!


Save VALUABLE time

Give yourself the gift of more time!

As a business owner, you wear a lot of hats, but “photographer” doesn’t need to be one of them! I know what it’s like to think there isn’t enough time in the day. Not to mention, plan, style, shoot, edit, end curate photos on a daily basis. What I’ve learned over the years is that TIME IS VALUABLE!

If you’re ready to get the leverage you need to stand out in a crowded market — if you want to spend less time planning, and more time doing what you love — let me take this necessary work off your plate by creating thoughtful and bespoke imagery for your business!

Don’t take this on alone. There’s no need to do everything yourself! Take advantage of the gifts others and pass this necessary work onto someone else (like me!).



When was the last time you invested in your business?

why should other people invest into our business, if we aren’t willing to ourselves?

I know it can be scary. Trust me! But that saying “with great risk comes great reward”, or perhaps “it takes money to make money”? It’s true. Investments pay off!
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If you haven’t seen the change you’ve been hoping for in your business, perhaps it’s time to take a leap of faith and take advantage of the skills other people are offering you, of letting help in, so that you can focus more on where you shine — creating your products and connecting with your clients!
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I’d love to help you create photographs that show off the quality of your products and clearly portray your brand message! Drop me a line and let’s start a conversation about how we can work together to uplevel your business. I promise you, it‘ll be a decision you won’t regret!