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Why Asking Questions In Your Images Is So Impactful

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Have you ever told or been told a story that just seems to drag on and on? The storyteller just doesn’t get to the point and it becomes hard to stay focused?

The same thing can happen with photos!

If the images you share for your brand don’t create interest, it’s easy for your audience to scroll past without engaging, or for potential clients visiting your page to click away without choosing to follow or purchase from you.

Your content needs to be intentional, and there needs to be a purpose to each post.

How can you do this?

Simple! Incorporate photos that ask questions.

Take a moment to look at your favorite images, and you’ll likely notice there’s a question in there somewhere…

“Is she lighting this candle before bed as a way to practice self-care? What else does she include into her ritual?”

“That scene looks so cozy! I wonder where they got (insert product here).”

“What does this authors desk look like? What type of book is he writing? Is there a clue as to the plot?”

“Look at this beautiful packaging! Who took the time to design it? Does the art symbolize anything specific?”

“Why are the hands of this artist covered in paint? What scene was she creating? What does her process look like?”

“What’s the story or reason behind choosing to use only natural ingredients/fabrics?”

“How are these different elements working together? What story is being told here?”

By asking questions, you’re extending your audience an invitation to linger, interact, or engage with you. It’s a chance to evoke emotion, create an opportunity for personal connection, and build “know, like, and trust” — a factor often present when deciding whether or not to make a purchase.

When something is asked — verbally, visually, or otherwise — visitors are more likely to stop and study the images, keeping them on your website, blog, or social media feeds longer. And the longer someone stays, the higher chance there is of them remembering you, or supporting your brand in the future.

How are you asking questions in your images? Does the content you put out create an experience for your viewers?