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When Art Calls Your Name

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I don’t recall exactly the first time I saw one of Claude Monet‘s paintings, but what I do remember was the effect it had on me. I inched towards it, careful not to get too close, and stared in meditative silence, studying the brush strokes, the transition of colors, and the way the light danced across the canvas like the first rays of the morning sun in Spring.
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During the agitation and busyness of life, standing in front of Monet’s work allows you a serene moment of calm and stillness, an opportunity to close your eyes, take a deep breath, and be transported to a different world, one with different sounds and different inspirations.

Art is so much more than brush strokes or color. It’s history. It’s heart. It’s vulnerability. It’s sacred. Art moves us. It makes us feel. It connects us. It reflects our hopes and our dreams. I believe that art, whether that’s photography, or a painting, or any other creation, is a way to connect not just with ourselves, but with others, a way to share our personal story.
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My husband, knowing how much I admired Monet’s work, gifted me with an original oil painting of my favorite piece “Water Lilies and Japanese Bridge”. It’s made by an artist who specializes in replicating his most famous work, while adding his own spin (it’s not meant to be identical). I can’t believe I get to hang this in my house! It’s such a treasured surprise and one that speaks so dearly to my creative heart.
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Who’s one of your favorite artists? Is there something that particularly inspires your creativity?