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When Art Calls Your Name

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Ceramic Artist - Wheel Thrown Ceramics - Brand Photography for Ceramic Artists - Product Photography for Potters

I had walked past the tiny little shop three times already in a matter of minutes, stopping briefly each time to admire the different types of wheel-thrown ceramics. Normally I go for the neutrals — whites, greys, and warm desert colors.

This time was different.

On that last round I stepped inside, walked over to a shelf that had caught my eye, and stopped in front of a wicker basket. It was filled with handmade ceramic dishes, and I picked up the smallest one I could find. I held it in my hand, feeling the texture of the unfinished clay on the bottom in contrast with the smooth glaze it was adorned with. Shades of blue, turquoise, and of course, a hint of taupe. I admired the imperfect crackle pattern, and I knew. It was calling to me. I had to go home with it. Not quite sure what I would use it for, but excited about the possibilities.

Art moves us. It makes us feel. It connects us. It reflects our hopes and our dreams. I believe that art, whether that’s photography, or a painting, or any other creation, is a way to share our hearts, to connect not just with ourselves, but with others, to share our personal story.

What piece of art has called to you recently?