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Vrai & Oro: Sustainable, Ethical, Fairly-Priced Fine Jewelry

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I’ve always been pretty minimalistic when it comes to jewelry I wear, often limiting it to my engagement/wedding bands or choosing from one of the cherished pieces my husband has gifted me with over the years.

I’ve never been one for statement or costume jewelry, which is just one more contributor to the “fast fashion” industry and can often be spotted from a mile away. Typically made of low quality mixed alloys, it tarnishes, causes itchy ears or green fingers, and is designed to go out of style and be replaced with the next trend. More than that, cheap jewelry can have adverse effects on your health. You may have heard the recent reports that several big-name stores have been selling costume jewelry with toxic materials in it. Cadmium, one of those ingredients, absorbs through the skin and accumulates in the body over time, causing health risks such as cancer, psoriasis, reproductive harm, and damage to the kidneys and bones.

LA-based company, Vrai & Oro is changing the game when it comes to the jewelry industry! True to their name (vrai is French for “truth”, and oro is Spanish for “gold”), they’ve prioritized their values and have made transparency the core of their brand, going so far as to publish their sustainability practices in their Truth & Gold report.

You’ll never find gold plating, gold fill, or vermeil with Vrai & Oro, who uses only earth-friendly 14k and 18k recycled solid gold. Their conflict-free diamonds, grown through the Diamond Foundry and with solar technology, are identical to mined diamonds but without the question of ethics, sustainability, or origin.

Taking after brands like Everlane, Vrai & Oro removes the middleman and high mark-ups, instead selling direct to consumers, resulting in simple, minimal, and well thought-out designs that are attainable for every budget.

Even just recently, Vrai & Oro took a careful look at how packaging can impact the environment, and implemented steps to find a more sustainable way to deliver their jewelry to customers, completely overhauling their previous methods! Their new recycled sugarcane packing is now made up of components that are 100% biodegradable, recyclable, or reusable.

Thanks to this conscious brand, I’ve been finding myself expressing my style through jewelry, reaching for pieces I never would have otherwise. Scroll through a few photos of their Skinny Stacking Ring and Line Stud Earrings, both part of their Essentials Collection, or visit their website to see what other timeless pieces they offer!


The beautiful matchboxes, in a sleek design and neutral white color, are made to be reused. Sit them on your dresser to hold your new jewelry and keep your most treasured pieces safe and scratch-free. You can also choose to save these durable boxes (made of vegan suede and recycled paper) to hold your jewelry when you travel, so it’s not lost in your bag or luggage as you jet-set across the world!


Instead of tossing them in the trash, flatten and recycle their cardboard mailers.


Molded sugarcane pulp trays hold and display your matchbox, so it’s beautifully presented upon delivery. These trays begin biodegrading within 90 days, so you can compost them or throw them away guilt-free.



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