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Searching For The Stories (Even While Grocery Shopping)

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When I’m grocery shopping, most of my time is spent in the produce section. I always seem to linger over the fruit especially, picking up each melon and turning it over in my hands, my eyes taking in any imperfections. Most people want the beautiful fruit, the ones without any bruises or dents. As silly as it sounds, this makes me a little sad.

So, I search them out, looking for the pieces nobody takes home as their first choice.

I do the same thing when I’m curating props for styling — I scour antique shops and flea markets, looking for the imperfect pieces. I source old, vintage vessels with tiny cracks, chips, or fading colors. Worn-in linens that seem to naturally wrinkle in just the right places. I look for one-of-a-kind handmade items that show the hours and hours the artist put into creating it, infusing passion and love into each piece. It’s these pieces that speak the loudest to me. They have the most interesting stories to tell.

This beauty, found a few sourcing trips ago, is a favorite of mine, what with its aging and many imperfections. But it’s so unique, I have to be careful not to over use it.

What are your favorite props to style with?