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The Art Of Furoshiki

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Furoshiki - Sustainable Wrapping Paper - Plastic Free Gift Wrapping - Eco-Friendly Gift Wrap

Have you heard of the art of Furoshiki? It’s the Japanese practice of using a single piece of square cloth or fabric, knotted in specific ways, to wrap and transport all kinds of items.

With roots as far back as the Nara and Edo periods of Japanese history, Furoshiki is known to have been used in bathhouses to bundle and protect clothing. More recently, multiple campaigns have been created in hopes of reviving this time-honored technique and introducing it as an eco-friendly alternative to those who may not have heard of it before.

Curious how it works? Wrap your lunches and use the tie as a handle; replace single-use plastic grocery bags when transporting fruit or vegetables; or go waste-free during holidays or special events by replacing wrapping paper with Furoshiki (the gift recipient is sure to love this thoughtful and beautiful touch).

Conforming to the shape of the object you’re wrapping, this is a versatile and sustainable option for any occasion, and can be reused over and over again!

Have you tried Furoshiki?