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Something To Think About This Black Friday

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This Black Friday, and during the rush of the holiday season, something has been weighing on my mind.

It’s almost impossible to be able to turn on the tv, scroll through Instagram, or turn the pages of your favorite magazine without being told what we should have. Everyone is telling us what we “need”, and we soak in this message, convincing ourselves we need the latest and the greatest in order to feel content, happy, or successful. And maybe that’s the case short-term, but typically, that euphoria wears off.


Because more often than not, we’re buying for the wrong reasons.

Black Friday encourages mass consumption, but take a moment to think about the destructive effects this has not just on people, but the planet. How much waste is created? How many of those purchased items are left redundant, because we didn’t really need them? How many products end up in a landfill just months later?

See, you don’t really need (fill in the blank). We don’t need more stuff. What we need is to slow down and be more present.

All that said, I’m a realist in that this time of year for gift-giving. When you do find yourself shopping this holiday season, let’s be more conscious about it, buying from small, ethical businesses and aiming to make a positive impact, rather than contributing to the chaos.

+ Consider the life cycle. Will it end up in a landfill in only a few months? Choose quality over quantity, and ensure your items are meant to last. 

+ Who are you buying from? Is it from a large chain, or are you putting food on the table for a small business owner? Shop small and support your local community, so that the artisans you’re buying from can continue doing what they love!

+ Know the origin of your purchase. How is this item made? Is it ethically sourced? Who made it? Where at? Are the people who make it treated fairly? Was there a negative environmental impact?

+ Why are you buying it? Purchase items that are of importance to you. It should be something you treasure, not just another item that fills your home with clutter. When you buy something because you feel a special connection, and not just because of the status of “stuff”, it will mean more to you for a longer period of time.

How are you using this holiday to be more conscious or sustainable? Comment below!