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Product Photography for Wild Concrete

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Bruna, the lovely owner behind newly-launched business Wild Concrete, vividly remembers moments of her childhood when she would sit on the floor, making pictures by tracing her finger through cement construction powder. A creative from a young age, play time often looked like molding animals with plaster or painting with industrial paint, using the objects she had in front of her to transform something of nothing.

While studying industrial design at University of Brazil, Bruna discovered her power to create anything — a lesson she has continued to hold onto as she established a life in Canada. In 2016, she began exploring the uses of concrete in household design. After experimenting with plates, trays and plant holders for her home, she began to share these designs with friends, eventually leading her to start her business. Now she creates multi-purpose objects, such as trays, bowls, and coasters that are modern and minimal in nature.

Concrete is commonly seen as a man-made, industrial product, at odds with nature. With Wild Concrete, Bruna aims to unify these two opposites, expressing the different colors, textures, and forms of nature while keeping true to the authenticity of industrial concrete.

Prioritizing quality, each piece is handmade and handcast, so no two are ever the same. A non-toxic sealer with a matte finish make the concrete fine and smooth, unlike concrete pieces found elsewhere, which may be rough or crumble when handled.

Right from the start, Bruna is using her business to make a difference! She shared that she is currently in contact with an organization in Haiti, where she will host workshops to women coming out of at-risk situations, teaching them how to make concrete pieces and earn income from it. If all goes as planned, the first workshop will be next year. In the near future, she also hopes to launch a featured product, where a portion of every sale will be donated to charity.

Below are a few photos of the Araucaria Mini Tray in Charcoal — just one of the many products available! In addition to the one-of-a-kind concrete pieces she has listed in her online store, Bruna also accepts bulk and wholesale orders from shop owners and business owners that want to offer their customers the experience of uniqueness. To see more of her work, follow Wild Concrete on Instagram, Pinterest, or Facebook.

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