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Product Photography for White Leaf Provisions: Biodynamic Family Foods

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The brainchild of a professional photographer and a French-trained chef, Keith and Meghan Rowe are the founders behind White Leaf Provisions, a family brand offering biodynamic foods for babies and toddlers. First conceptualized late one night in 2014 over a bottle of red wine, in 2017 Keith and Meghan took friends and family on a seed round, finally launching their applesauce in April 2018 and baby food in August 2018.

Knowing many parents are worried about the kinds of food their children are eating, and the effect the farming behind those foods has not just on health, but the planet, they started the first business of it’s kind in the US. Going above and beyond other brands on the market when it comes to purity and transparency, their mission is simple: to produce better-for-you baby and toddler foods, farmed in a way that helps to heal the earth, so that the next generation can inherit a better planet!

Even better than organic, biodynamic farming works with the natural processes of life to revitalize the soil and encourage biodiversity. The methods used drops carbon down out of the atmosphere, actually helping to revert climate change. Regeneratively farmed, biodynamic, organic, and non-GMO, White Leaf Provisions completely bans all pesticides, herbicides, and fungicides. Instead, chemicals are replaced with farm-made herbal sprays and natural compost. Allowing Mother Nature to take the lead, planting and harvesting schedules are structured around the natural plant cycle.

Up until now, Meghan has done most of the photography shown on her Instagram page, but as White Leaf Provisions grows, she understandably needs to focus her time elsewhere. That’s where I came in, creating a cohesive set of imagery for their social feeds and marketing campaigns!

If you’re looking for a conscious food brand for your little ones, look no further than White Leaf Provisions, and feel confident that you’re choosing a company that works hard to respect the planet our children will inherit, and restore it for our future.


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