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Product Photography for Seed & Sprout: Eco-Friendly Products That Make It Easy To Say "No" To Plastic

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The mission of Seed & Sprout is clear — through their products, they aim to reduce reliance on single-use plastics and stop throwaway culture.

It all started when the founder, Sophie, was in search of a plastic-free lunchbox for her son. Unsatisfied with the choices available, and with nothing on the market that met her sons requirements, she set out to create her own! So began the 18 month journey to design the Crunchbox — a stainless steel lunchbox that organizes and separates portions. It’s perfect for fussy children who’s food can’t touch, as well as discerning adults who would rather pack a healthy and nutritious lunch over rushing to get fast food on their work break. Made custom for the Crunchbox, leak proof pots with silicone lids are perfect for runny liquids like dips, sauces, or yogurt.

Living by the motto "we do not need one person doing sustainability perfectly, we need millions doing it imperfectly", they help their customers make the switch from single-use plastics to a more sustainable option, and they do it in an approachable, guilt-free way. Taking a step back in time to when things were far more simple, they provide practical and stylish solutions that you can feel good about using.

Why say no to plastic? An increasing problem, plastic is dangerous to the environment, to wildlife, and to people. Plastic pollution is found everywhere — littering streets, campgrounds and beaches, wreaking havoc to our lakes and oceans. Mistaken for food, plastic ends up in the stomach of marine life. Straws get stuck in the noses of sea turtles. Micro-plastics wash out of synthetic clothing, ending up in our waterways. Toxic chemicals from plastic, linked to multiple health aliments, have been proven to leach into our food. The production, (lack of) management, and incineration of plastic contributes to climate change. The list goes on. Plastic pollution is preventable problem, and one we can all play a part in stopping simply by lessening our demand of this pervasive material and encouraging a zero-waste lifestyle.

That’s why mindful businesses such as Seed & Sprout are so important. A one-stop-shop, they’ve has grown to offer numerous alternatives to typically-plastic objects. With a rigorous selection process when choosing their manufacturers, certifications are place to ensure every product is made in the most ethical and sustainable way. Through this conscious company that strives to make a difference in the world, you aren’t just getting a beautiful product that helps reduce waste, but something made with the intent to last a lifetime!

Breaking down the walls of business and customer, they work on a collaborative model. Unafraid of open discussions about struggles in the modern world and the climate we live in, Seed & Sprout has built a highly engaged community and often invite their audience to become part of the decision-making. By understanding the needs of the market, they receive valuable insight as to how they can use their business to solve problems their customers might have. Whether you’re looking for replacement parts, eco-hacks, or an answer to a question, this is a company willing to prove to you how much they care.

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