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In 2009 an antique tabletop letterpress was delivered to Kim’s doorstep in Omaha, Nebraska. After printing her very first illustration of a simple coffee cup, and feeling the joy of seeing her design come to life, she knew this was what she was meant to do. Now owner of Ramona & Ruth (named after her grandmothers), Kim creates thoughtful, carefully designed paper goods to help spread kindness and foster connection.

She desires to bring others together, help them share how they feel about each other, and celebrate life’s special moments (both big and small). In addition to providing high quality, letterpress greeting cards as the vessels for these thoughtful messages, she also offers everyday items such as notebooks, notepads and gift wrap — functional items that are also beautiful, so that even when used during the most mundane of tasks, they still feel special.

Printed in her Omaha-based studio, Ramona & Ruth’s letterpress products are clean and minimal in design, while still being approachable. It’s this “warm simplicity” that sets her apart. Her designs are purposeful and intentional, but done in a sweet, delicate manner, so as to evoke a sense of calmness and positivity. Striving for the highest levels of quality, Kim pays attention to even the smallest of details, beginning with the design of the product, continuing on to the materials used, packaging and presentation, and the way she communicates with and serves her customers.

Knowing that someone has thought about you and cares for you can have such an effect on your well-being, which is why Kim wants people to feel loved, appreciated, and to know they matter. It’s through Ramona & Ruth that Kim shares this experience with as many people as possible! To see more of Kim’s work, follow Ramona & Ruth on Instagram or Pinterest.

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