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Product Photography for Peony Cosmetics: Flower-Based Cosmetics & Skincare

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Corey was a cosmetics formulator for more than 10 years, creating for organic, natural brands and startup skincare lines. Three years ago, she saw that there was a gap in the market for plant-based, effective cosmetics that didn’t have a minimal or sterile-looking aesthetic, so she took the leap and started Peony Cosmetics.

Overseeing every detail, from packaging text, design, formulation, and the sourcing of the ingredients, Corey’s passion for what she does resonates throughout her brand.

When it comes to design, she says most people think green beauty needs to come in minimalist, black and white packaging… that colorful packaging must mean it’s been mass or commercially produced. Corey set out to change this mindset, using bold colors and striking artwork in their packing. Thought out down to the very last detail, it’s printed in a solar-powered factory with soy-based ink to reduce its impact on the environment.

Using her connection to a European supplier that works with flower essences, hydrosols, and extracts, she infuses these ingredients into her formulations, creating a clean beauty brand that works! Never green-washing, but always honest about their formulations, you can view the full ingredient list (not just “key ingredients”) for every product on their website!

Because these products are made in small batches, there’s more control than often seen with ingredient sourcing, and Peony Cosmetics is intentional about purchasing from suppliers that share their ethos of sustainable farming. They’re flower-powered, nutritious, and innovative. Being Peta-certified, they’re also vegan, and (of course) cruelty-free! No nano-materials are used in their formulations, which require extensive animal testing prior to being released on the market.

Corey hired me to create 30 images of her bestsellers, requesting I create clean and romantic images for her website and social media accounts in a mix of sizes (horizontal, 4:5 ratio, and square). It’s clear that for Peony Cosmetics, flowers are at the centre of their universe, so we incorporated different types of fresh florals and greenery, and pastel colors that exist in nature!

If you’re looking for a makeup line that is powerful, vegan, and honors your skin’s wellbeing, look no further than Peony Cosmetics, or follow them on Instagram or Facebook.

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