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Lynn Muller is the founder of Oh + August (formerly Bibimbap Skincare), a Korean skincare line created specifically with the active/outdoor market in mind.

An equestrian herself, Lynn knows she’s not the only one who places more care on her animals than herself. Add to that the busy lifestyle equestrian’s and athletes face (from commitments, to travel), and the beating your skin takes from being exposed to the elements on a daily basis, Lynn has found a place for herself in this niche, designing a modern and simplified skincare collection that helps even the busiest of people practice self-care. Initially taking off in the equestrian market, Oh + August has quickly gained more traction in the mainstream beauty world.

Her formulas are clean, vegan, and of course, cruelty free. Strengthening, brightening, and soothing to tired and stressed skin, each product addresses specific issues like sensitivity or dark spots from being in the sun. Amber glass bottles keeps the product fresher for longer, and you can reuse or recycle when each has run out.

The mission of Oh + August isn’t just to create functional, beautiful skincare products for equestrians and others enjoying an active, traveling lifestyle. They also strive to support the rescue, foster, and care education of exotic pets such as: horses, bearded dragons, snakes, and hybrid cats/dogs. Marrying her passion for clean, functional beauty and her love of animals (Lynn has been involved with the care and raising of exotics, including boa constrictors, bearded dragons, Bengals, and horses for decades) a portion of profits support the Oh + August foundation. The ultimate goal is to secure and create a physical rescue center where unwanted pets can be rehabbed and adopted into new homes.

Running a product-based business, Lynn knew the importance visuals play when marketing to your audience. She asked that these images be clean, minimalistic, and mostly white. After fulfilling her request for standard product photos shot on a plain white background, we added in simple details that wouldn't detract from the aesthetic previously described — black and white tile, trays, a strand of pearls, and greenery.

Scroll through to see a few of her newly launched products, or follow Oh + August on Instagram!

From Oh + August:

“Elle of Voyage + Heart was absolutely fantastic to work with.  As a small business owner with a lack of design or creative skills, it is very hard for me to create my own product photography - therefore, I need to put a lot of trust in others for any of this type of work. Elle was prompt and thorough in communication, and with detailed survey questions, we were able to define what the photos needed to convey. The resulting work was amazing! I would recommend her to any business, both small and large.”

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