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Product Photography for Notary Ceramics

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Here at Voyage + Heart, I know that the heart of a brand lies in the people behind it, their passions and values. Learning about the artist behind every business I work with is such a big part of what I do, and this morning I’m honored to introduce you to Sarah Van Raden, the talented ceramic artist behind Notary Ceramics!

First introduced to the world of ceramics during a semester in college, it wasn’t until nearly a decade later that she found her way back to the wheel. Once again falling in love with her relationship to clay and the calming nature of creating pottery, she saved up for a wheel and kiln of her own and got to work in her make-shift basement studio, opening what we know as Notary Ceramics. As her business grew, she moved her studio out of her home and into her own space and shop in Portland, Oregon.

Now coming up on its third birthday, her products are handmade and unique, made with locally sourced clays found in the PNW.

Sarah’s work is elegant with an essence of relaxed sophistication. Beautiful enough for special occasions, but approachable for the every day. From her vases to her dinnerware, these ceramics are not meant to be treated as overly-precious or stored in a cabinet for weeks on end, but filled with weeds or dried flowers from your garden, placed family-style around your dining table, or displayed upon the open shelving in your kitchen. You should feel a sense of calm and relaxation whenever you walk by, admiring its simple beauty while knowing that these home-enhancing pieces are meant to be used and loved.

Sarah’s background is in photo styling and photography. It’s always such a delight to cross paths with like-minded creatives, and I’m honored to have had the opportunity to shoot a few pieces from Notary Ceramic’s matte white, satin stone, and matte grey dinnerware collections.

When we discussed the goals for this shoot, Sarah knew she wanted clean white backgrounds and imagery of her products being used — lived-in — requesting that I incorporate some food photography into her gallery. Instead of detracting, the simplistic style of her work beautifully compliments each meal. Her pieces are clean and timeless, not designed with short-term trends in mind, meaning they will never go out of style!

I’ve long admired Sarahs work, and the soft and serene neutral tones she is known for. Feeling her pieces in my hand, I couldn’t just photograph them — I had to own something for myself! Not only did I commission Sarah to create a custom matte white dinner plate for lifestyle imagery and food photography alike, but I also ended up purchasing the ikebana frog below, which is the perfect styling piece for my oft-designed tablescapes! Without a doubt, these were worthy investments, made to last!

If you’re feeling uninspired by the dishware in your home or office and want to add handmade, meaningful pieces to your everyday lives while simultaneously supporting a small business owner, shop Notary Ceramics or view more of Sarah’s beautiful work on Instagram or Pinterest!

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