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Product Photography For Milk + Honey: Organic, Luxurious Skincare

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Alissa Bayer first launched her spa Milk + Honey in 2006.

Built on the principles of creating a modern spa experience, committing to clean ingredients, enriching the lives of their employees, and giving back to the community, Milk + Honey has since grown to include five spa locations throughout Texas. In addition, they offer a collection of everyday bath, body, and skincare products that are organic, luxurious, and effective!

From the brown amber bottles they use (known to keep its contents fresher, for longer!), to the minimalistic white packaging and muted colors, their zen-like aesthetic is one to admire. More importantly, with clean, plant-based ingredients, you can feel safe putting these products on your body.

To set themselves apart from other bath and body product lines, Alissa takes a hands-on approach when it comes to ensuring the quality of products offered, working closely with a team of estheticians and massage therapists who use their professional knowledge and experience to give feedback and elevate the line as it continually develops.

The lovely team at Milk + Honey shipped me a beautifully curated box of products to photograph, including their Lavender and Tee Tree Deodorant, Hand Soap No 35 (I can’t begin to describe how heavenly this smells!), Lemon and Vanilla Body Polish, and Everything Oil.

If you’re looking for a clean beauty brand to try, give Milk + Honey a follow on Facebook or Instagram or browse their shop to find your new favorite products!

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