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Product Photography for etúHOME: Artisan-Made Dough Bowls Styled Throughout The Seasons

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Rooted in quintessential European designs, and made with honest materials, etúHOME was founded with the mindset that the items we bring into our home matter. For more than a decade now, etúHOME offers a curated collection of products centering around the one of the things that connects us all — culinary experience!

With mindfulness at the forefront of their brand, every piece is hand crafted from sustainable materials and truly authentic.

etúHOME believes a conscious brand extends into every aspect, and ensure a safe environment for their workers, offer a fair living wage. The like-minded factory team has a deep commitment to sustainability, and embrace this practice in their private lives, adopting small, eco-friendly habits that together make a large impact.

Ethically sourcing materials in a responsible manner is heart and soul of the company, and they utilize 19th century timber, recycled glass, and harvested beams to craft their products. As buildings in and around Budapest fall into demolition, etúHOME is able to salvage the support beams, giving these objects a second life by transforming the ordinary into treasured pieces for the modern home. The team of expert craftsmen use a multitude of reclaimed wood variations to make serveware, tabletop accessories, and furniture, including European pine, oak, and beech, and are careful to minimize waste during the entire process.

The utmost attention paid to quality and craftsmanship. Time-honored techniques rooted in regionally specific traditions capture the spirit of etúHOME, bringing a piece of the past to future generations and telling the story of another era. In a world of mass production, these artisans take pride in their skill and work.

From the very beginning, etúHOME’s antique dough bowls have been a best-selling item.  They have a classic French air about them that could never be passé. Imperfect in nature, they quietly and gracefully allude to the philosophy of wabi-sabi — the Japanese term . Versatile and functional, you’re bound to find countless uses for these one-of-a-kind vessels no matter what time of year, including serving bowls, decorative arrangements, floral centerpieces, or an aesthetically-pleasing catch-all. Each bowl is finished with a 100% plant-based and food-safe wax, and because of their hand-finished nature, they will only get more beautiful and meaningful with time and use.

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