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Product Photography for Conscious Clothing: Ethically-Sourced, Sustainable Apparel Made In Michigan

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Fifteen years ago, Rose Phillips, the heart behind Conscious Clothing, decided to take matters into her own hands by sewing organic cloth diapers, diaper covers, and clothes for her three young children. Noticing a void she could fill, she began selling her creations at markets throughout West Michigan. As demand grew, her Etsy shop was launched, and with the support of her husband Doug, Conscious Clothing has grown into what you see today — a thriving small business!

Now making women’s apparel and accessories, this team of mindful makers uses only ethically sourced, sustainable materials like European linen, organic cotton denim, and hemp. Prioritizing careful consumption, designs are made to order, preventing dead stock. Going beyond trends, these silhouettes are timeless and functional, designed to grow with the customer from season to season and as their personal style evolves. The result? A beautiful collection perfect for conscious consumers who wish to build an intentional capsule wardrobe of quality pieces made to last.

Sustainability, simplicity, and minimalism remain cornerstone values at Conscious Clothing. Fully embodying the philosophy behind slow fashion, these thoughtful designs are made to order, preventing headstock. While all garments are cut strategically to reduce fabric waste, any remaining scraps are repurposed instead of discarded. A purposeful earth-toned color pallet comes to life with low-impact dyes, and all fabrics are pre-washed and dried to eliminate shrinkage. Shipping practices remain plastic-free, consisting of recycled materials such as paper packaging, reused fabric, and string.

Timeless in nature and comfortable enough for the everyday, the intention that goes into each design is clear. To see more offerings from this brand, follow Conscious Clothing on Instagram or browse their shop, which offers a beautifully curated selection of clothing daily life.

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