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Product Photography For Brooklyn Candle Studio: Beautifully Crafted Soy Candles

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I’m not sure there’s anything better than ending a long, stressful day with a new book and a hot soak in a bubble bath, with half a dozen aromatic candles gracing the shelves around you. That right there is pure relaxation.

But did you know that the candles you’re likely burning are toxic? It’s true. Paraffin wax is a byproduct of petroleum, and when burned, releases harmful chemicals into the air (benzene and toluene, for those that want specifics), which are known to be carcinogens. In fact, these toxins are the same ones known to be in diesel fuel.

I bet that calming image of a candle-lit bath just *poof* vanished. Am I right? Toxins just aren’t my idea of a stress-reliever.

So imagine my joy when I ran into Tamara, of Brooklyn Candle Studio. She uses 100% soy wax for a clean burn and a cotton braided wick primed with vegetable wax. In other words? No paraffin means her candles non-toxic and eco-friendly! But I’m getting ahead of myself here. Let me tell you her story from the beginning:

Tamara first started making minimalist, mason jar candles in 2014 as gifts for friends and family. She opened an Etsy shop, not knowing that this simple idea would end up becoming her best seller. Eventually, her business evolved and her concept grew, to the point where she moved from an online shop, to a brick and mortar studio complete with a small team!

Now an independent candle design and manufacturing studio based out of Brooklyn, New York, each candle is handcrafted with precision and pride using a blend of soy wax, essential oils, and phthalate-free perfume oils, and free of preservatives and dyes. Their dreamy scents are inspired by nature and travel, and their Scandinavian-Japanese aesthetic is stark and minimal yet impossibly chic.

What I love most about this brand? Their high-quality products are ethically and sustainably made — something important to me, personally. Being friendly to the environment, giving back to her employees, helping her customers (many of whom are retailers) succeed in business, and making consistently high quality products for their customers to enjoy are all top priorities for Brooklyn Candle Studio and I can’t recommend them enough!

When I asked Tamera what she’s looking for in her product photography, her response was simple. The very first thing was she said was “to create imagery that evokes emotion and makes people want to light a candle”. As an invitation to get cozy with one of her scents, I incorporated lots of lived-in linens (perfectly wrinkled and direct from Europe), and greenery to satisfy her love of botanicals. Breaking down each fragrance, I styled fresh ingredients with her candles to convey the natural foundations of her products.

It has been an absolute pleasure creating this imagery for Brooklyn Candle Studio! Take a look at some of my favorites from their gallery below, or give them a follow on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram!

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Perhaps the best part of todays post is the opportunity to win a candle from Brooklyn Candle Studio!

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