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Product Photography for Belinda Love Lee

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During an age where everything is moving so fast paced, sometimes we all need a little pick-me-up.

Holding to the belief that handwritten cards, rather than a quick text, are always a more memorable and noteworthy option, Belinda Love Lee offers beautifully designed paper products that she hopes will be treasured keepsakes for years to come.

It's always been Belinda’s dream to have an internationally available stationery line, and when she moved from Cardiff, United Kingdom to Toronto, Canada, she made that happen. Through her work, she reminds her audience that there are more ways to connect than just digitally, and shares the value of writing notes to the people that matter most.

Her designs, printed on handmade paper using an antique 1912 letterpress, are not overly feminine, but calm and inviting, with an air of quality that seems organic and effortless — like it just so happened to come together and fit perfectly. A color palette of gray, white, and an occasional green or blue lend a calming sense to the heart, soul, and mind.

In addition to her paper line, Belinda partners alongside business owners to help them create the brand of their dreams, designing custom logos that communicate their style and aesthetic to their audience, offering business cards to promote their brand, and packaging to share their vision with the world.

When I asked Belinda why she needed product photography, her answer was similar to that of many business owners. “I just can’t take photos quick enough”, she said. When it comes to style, she appreciates purposeful, intentional imagery and designs that have been well thought out — as if the way it is presented is how it would naturally fall in place.

The goal here was to create photos that could seamlessly blend with Belinda’s own. To create consistency within her Instagram grid, we used props that Belinda has herself — handmade textured grey backgrounds, a Wild Concrete tray, tiny white pinch dishes, and a simple golf pencil. We came up with photos that felt as if this is the view you’d see on her desk — a bit messy, casual, and anything but forced!

From Belinda Love Lee Paperie:

“I have a hard time trusting other people to style my things. I find that a lot of people “over” style, making it too obviously styled and far too feminine… It's so rare for me to be happy with someone else's styling, but I'm totally in love with yours! It has a very effortless, organic, romantic but not too girly/ feminine look which is exactly what I'm going for!”

Give Yourself The Gift Of More Time!

As a business owner, you wear a lot of hats, but “photographer” doesn’t need to be one of them! I know what it’s like to think there isn’t enough time in the day. Not to mention, plan, style, shoot, edit, end curate photos. What I’ve learned over the years is that time is valuable! If you’re ready to get the leverage you need to stand out in a crowded market — if you want to spend less time planning, and more time doing what you love — let me take this necessary work off your plate by creating thoughtful and bespoke imagery for your business!