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Product Photography for Article & Goods: Small-Batch Everyday Luxury for the Modern Individual

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Sam Chen is the designer and founder of Article & Goods, an independent brand offering premium, genderless leather products without the retail makeup typically seen by those in similar industries.

In a market flooded with poorly-made leather goods, faux leather which does not stand the test of time, overly branded accessories covered in monograms and embellishments, or designer goods that cost an arm and a leg, Sam saw that there was a void that could be filled. It was in this moment, in June 2015, that Article & Goods was born. Placing a high value on diversity, open-mindedness, inclusion, and fair trade, they offer to the world well-made and well-designed leather essentials.

Often times, retailers will mark up their product by 8x to 10x it’s value, but Article & Goods wants to be the change. Disrupting the leather industry, they’ve taken on a business approach that shortens the supply chain and removes the middle-man, allowing them to offer fair and honest pricing for the consumer without sacrificing on quality. Working with genuine leather because of its quality and longevity in comparison to vegan leather (its plastic counterpart), Article & Goods is meticulous about the details, hand-selecting all materials to meet the highest standards. They’ve partnered with a small, reputable factory in Guangzhou, China that prioritizes craftsmanship. Seasoned and skilled leather artisans handmade each product in small batches so as not to overproduce, thereby limiting waste.

Intentional in their designs, every item is refreshingly simple, functional, and made to last. Removing the unnecessary bells and whistles that are heavily overused by many designer brands, the clean lines of these products are a minimalists dream!

While visiting their website you might be lucky enough to stumble upon a Second Quality Sale. Rolled out three years ago, you can choose from a limited number of pieces showing minor cosmetic defects and variances, up for grabs at a generous discount! You can also gain access to early-bird pricing by pre-ordering new arrivals. This helps fund production, as well as gauge how many units are needed, so as not to create a surplus — a far cry from fast-fashion brands who mass produce and end up with piles of unsold merchandise.

A hybrid of Japanese-zen-minimalism and Scandinavian style, one look will tell you that Article & Goods is heavily influenced by architecture, sculptural designs, shape, and lines. Keeping this in mind while planning their photos, I incorporated lots of texture, walls (a go-to for their visuals), and neutrals (grey tones in particular) to blend seamlessly with their brand aesthetic.

Worth every penny, support Article & Goods by browsing their shop or following them on Instagram. Or visit their sibling brand, Thesis of Alexandria — a women's demi-fine jewelry brand which Sam started 7 years ago prior to starting Article & Goods.


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