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Page Anchor: Making You Read More Through Nordic Design

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If you follow me on Instagram, by now you probably know that I’m a huge bibliophile and always seem to have my head in a new book.

A few months ago I came across a Kickstarter project for Page Anchor, and instantly fell in love with the concept (it’s quickly become one of my all-time favorite brands)! Their genius bookmark (in such a sleek and timeless design) prevents your book from closing without harming it’s spine, enhancing your experience of using printed books and encouraging you to slow down and incorporate more non-digital practices into your daily life, which is easily a message I can stand behind!

To use a Page Anchor, you just slide it into your book to keep your current page open for easy reading, leaving both of your hands free to do something else — like sip on your Starbucks drink of choice amid the foliage of Central Park during the peak of Autumn, or read at a table near the lit up Christmas tree at Rockefeller Plaza this holiday season, or simply to enjoy a cup of tea on a quiet morning as you slowly wake up. When you want to turn the page, just slide it up (leaving the back prongs behind the pages), turn the page, and slide it back down. If you’re anything like me, and can delve into a book for hours on end, you’ll quickly understand how much more comfortable this makes reading. No more pain in your thumb from holding thick books open!


“The anchor is a symbol of hope and steadfastness — a way to stay anchored to your story”


It’s minimalist and photogenic design, inspired by the Swedish countryside, gets major points for eye-stay! Made of surgical-grade 316L stainless steel and coated in a precious metal, the quality is excellent, and it’s clearly made to stand the test of time. As a bonus, each Page Anchor comes with a cleaning cloth and pouch to keep it safe during transport.

Page Anchor is currently offered in four main colors: Signature Gold, Winter Platinum, Rose Gold, and Obsidian. If you’re a fellow book-lover, you’ll definitely want to follow Page Anchor on Instagram, or get one of your own! Trust me when I say that once you try this elegant and innovative product, you won’t be able to imagine reading without it!

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