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Now Offering Additional Licensing Options For Product Photography Clients

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The images provided to my clients are typically more than enough for the day to day, as they can be used in a multitude of places to help share the story of the brand and attract customers, such as their website, shop, blog, and social media accounts!

That said, it recently came to my attention that a client needed photos for a third party’s e-commerce site. Despite doing my best to offer solutions, and taking into account my workload and the very short timeframe I was presented with, I was unable to accommodate their requests in a way that satisfied both of our requirements. Being that my goal is always to serve my clients, fulfill their needs, and provide a positive experience beyond any expectations, I knew I had to create a plan for the next time this scenario presented itself.

In an effort to always continue improving, I’ve spent blood, sweat, and tears (time, money, and a whole lot of effort) working around the clock, talking to the right people, educating myself further on extended types of licensing, and learning new programs, so that the next time a client finds themselves in this situation, I have an answer ready to go and can help them right away!

If you find that you need more usage rights than those included in the base price of your chosen collection (for example, on the e-commerce website of retailers that may sell your products), simply make a note in your email to me — you’ll receive a custom and fair quote based on industry standards to license the image(s), so that you can use them in the ways your business requires.

Some of the factors that may be considered are:

+ Number of images (quote based per image)
+ Size of the image
+ Whether the image will be used in print or online
+ Scenario (e-commerce, ad, educational products, etc)
+ Length of license

Not every business needs extended use out of their images — the majority of my product photography clients come to me simply needing content for their website and social platforms — so to keep my services as accessible as possible, this will be an add-on option only. You may also be happy to know that licensing may be purchased at any time, so if you’re a past client who’s already received your images, but suddenly need to use them for commercial reasons in a way not previously approved, just let me know. I’m always happy to help!

Communicating your needs to your photographer is incredibly important, and helps ensure they are fulfilled. I genuinely want to thank the client referred to in this post for providing me with your feedback — because of it, I was able to make the changes necessary to better my experience!

My mission, my why, is to help every brand I work with thrive by providing them with professional, high-quality imagery that strengthens their brand, converts visitors into paying clients, and provides value. I hope that this new offering is one more way I’m doing just that!

Is there anything you want to know about copyright, print release, and licensing? If so, send me an email to submit your questions. I’m working on a detailed blog post, which I’ll be sharing in the near future, about the differences between these types of usage rights, why they may or may not apply in your scenario, and how to make certain that you’re able to use the images in the ways your business calls for!