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No Tox Life + Package Free Shop: The Perfect Pair

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Your entire life you’ve likely been using one of those traditional big name liquid dish soaps. But did you know they’re formulated with toxic chemicals and synthetic ingredients that are harmful to ourselves and the environment? They’re also diluted down so much, that you’re essentially spending money on water. And those sponges you keep disposing of? Well, they’re actually plastic. Every time you use one to wash your dishes, micro plastics are breaking down into our water systems, eventually ending up in our oceans, into the stomachs of marine life, and (if you eat seafood) into our own bodies.

Aside from your bathroom, your kitchen is one of the rooms where you can make the biggest impact, reduce plastic intake, and choose zero-waste and environmentally-friendly alternatives to the products you use daily! Today I want to share two easy sustainable swaps:

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Swap #1: No Tox Life dishwashing block

Handmade in LA, and designed to help keep plastic soap dispensers out of the kitchen, this zero-waste liquid dish soap replacement is concentrated and in solid form, so it will last a single person who always hand washes their dishes a minimum of six months! Need it to last longer? It even comes in an extra large size! While you may be paying a little more upfront, just take a moment to think about how much you spend on dish soap at the grocery store, and how often it has to be replaced. You’re easily saving money in the long run, not to mention investing in your health!

No palm oil, no fragrance, and no perfume, it’s made with coconut based cleansers and South American soap bark to cut grease and grime. It’s easily foaming, creates suds, and works in hard water!

While I only use mine in the kitchen, No Tox Life encourages you to use this powerhouse of a product as a multi-purpose tool. Take stains out of laundry, labels off of jars, spot clean your carpet, and wipe down your counters, just to name a few of its uses!

Swap #2: All Natural pot scrubber/cleaning brush

Make the switch to a plastic-free sponge (cellulose sponges or coconut loofa’s are a great alternative!) or an all natural scrubber! Long-handled options with removable heads are a popular option for washing dishes, or pick up a hard bristled brush (pictured above) for pots and pans, shower/bath, or hard-to-clean jobs!

One of my favorite choices is this 100% natural pot brush the from Package Free Shop, though there are many similar options out there! It’s beautifully crafted with beechwood and union fibers, and is 100% compostable and biodegradable, so at the end of it’s life, simply toss the entire thing in your backyard compost heap. And when you buy from Package Free they ship your products in a cardboard box without any plastic (take a look here!).

What are you favorite sustainable swaps, kitchen or otherwise?