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How To Increase Instagram Engagement The Right Way

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It’s a word that gets thrown around a lot when it comes to social media marketing.

While you may think social media is about growing your following, getting that “k” next to your number or a “✓” next to your name, it’s really about building relationships and creating personal connections.

Wondering how to do that when the algorithm has you feeling discouraged or your posts aren’t being seen? When your likes are down and meaningful comments are non-existent?

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If you ever want to see your 500, serve your 50. Ask yourself how you can offer value to your audience, the people showing up for you right now. Instead of seeing your followers as a dollar symbol, think about them as people.


Show a genuine interest in your audience. Respond to their comments, return the engagement they give you by liking and commenting on their posts. Ask questions. Converse with them.


Branch out. Social media is just that. Social. You can’t expect to grow a community or make new friendships if you only socialize with those you’re already following. Check out the explore tab to make new relationships. Send a DM to accounts you admire, just to start a conversation.


Stop playing games. Don’t leave copy and paste comments. Don’t follow an account just to unfollow the next day. Don’t buy followers or likes. These games are not the way to grow or be seen. It’s just unprofessional (and dishonest).


Get personal. Share a little bit about yourself, or use your captions as a place to invite your audience to share about themselves.


Be okay with “attract and repel”. You want your followers to be made up of the right audience — people who actually care... potential clients that are a fan of your work... a community who engages with you. Not numbers that ignore your account. Don’t aim to grow just for the sake of growing.

So tell me — what’s your favorite way to drive authentic engagement? Have any tips that weren’t listed here? Comment below!