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How My Aesthetic Has Evolved Over Time

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There was a time when I avoided wood, not liking the way it made rooms or photos feel smaller and more traditional. So, I decorated with white everything: white walls, white furniture. I loved how it opened a room, felt clean and airy, acted as a blank slate, and allowed your attention to be placed on the subject. But if not done properly, this style can feel sterile or void of emotion.

Over time, my views have changed and my skills as a stylist have improved (thank goodness!). I’m drawn to many neutrals, and the minimalistic yet comfortable vibe they give off. I no longer look for white as I decorate, but pieces that tell a story, that make you think, ask questions, and feel something — some sort of connection. I’ve also found myself falling in love with the warmth of wood — olive wood, especially. It’s irregularly shaped trunks and branches mean each product is entirely unique, and artists often take advantage of it’s natural beauty by not cutting it to right angles. It’s grain is sanded and oiled to highlight the beautiful patterns and textures. But what makes me love it even more was learning that most olive wood is sustainably sourced, protected by law in many areas, and cut only after the tree stops producing fruit or oil.

This charcuterie board is one of my favorite olive wood products that I own. I originally picked it out for myself, to use in my kitchen, but once I brought it home, I knew I had to add it to my prop collection!

Tell me in the comments below — what’s your favorite material to style with? Wood? Clay? Breezy linens?