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Here's Your Opportunity To Shop My Prop Collection! 

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Over the years, I’ve really honed in on my own unique style. I’ve learned how how to create a distinctive, elevated portfolio of imagery and have helped countless other businesses do the same, so that they can attract their dream clients and make more sales!

One of my secrets? A Pinterest-worthy prop collection! 

I know, it almost sounds too simple. Doesn’t it?

It’s taken me years to build up, countless trips to antique markets, and hours scouring the Internet looking for the perfect pieces from artisans and small businesses.

If you’re tired of mediocre images, and are looking for that one piece that takes your photos to the next level, that actually does something for your brand, I’ve got a surprise for you — I’m giving you the opportunity to shop my prop collection! 

That’s right! Pop on over to my Instagram stories (titled “for sale”) to see what I’m talking about. If you want to buy at item, just send a message on that story with your email and shipping address, and I'll send you an invoice.

Also, check back often, because I rotate my props out here and there to keep my photos interesting and make sure any one prop doesn’t get over-used, so you’ll often see new items available for sale. And who knows — maybe I’ll find something I think you’ll like and purchase it just for the shop! Is this something you’re excited for? What sort of props would you most like to see available?