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As an art director and brand/product photographer, I get so much joy when I see small business owners thrive. I truly believe that we are stronger together than we ever could be alone, which is why part of Voyage + Heart is to be a resource to people that want to learn.

That comes with questions.

Too often, I’ll see in the comment section of other businesses “google 😉” or “google is a great resource!” instead of taking the time to answer.

Here’s the thing. Someone is coming to you for advice. Google isn’t the only resource available — you are — so instead of pointing them to a search engine, take two minutes to pay it forward. Type out a caption that provides them with value.

You don’t have to sit there and write out paragraphs, or give away your biggest “secrets” (notice the quotations), but somewhere along the way, someone has been a resource to you, and you should be for others.

What’s your biggest struggle in your business right now?