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Slow Fashion: Well Worth The Wait

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Have you ever heard the saying “good things come to those who wait”?

This outfit taught me about patience, and reaffirmed the importance of shopping with slow, conscious brands.

Unlike fast fashion labels, where garments are pre-produced and shipped out as quickly as possible, slow fashion brands take their time and do things right. They produce garments that are timeless, meaningful, and of quality, using materials that are more friendly to their health and the environment.

When I order from slow-fashion brands, I don’t expect to receive a notification one day later saying my order has been processed and is on it’s way to me. I understand that being made-to-order there may be a longer wait before receiving my items (these pants, for example, took six weeks before being ready to ship). It’s a small price to pay when you have the opportunity to support small brands that prioritize an ethical working environment, produce only as needed, and minimize waste.

The end result? Well worth the wait!

My outfit was made with love and care by women who I know love what they do, are treated fairly, and who run their business with intention. And now I have a garment that I will treasure for years to come, and that reflects my values and style.

Moral of the story?

Two day delivery isn’t all that it’s cracked up do be, and if you’re willing to slow down, it could result in something so much more special!