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Practicing Self-Care As An Entrepreneur

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Let’s talk self-care!

It’s easy to put self-care on the back burner — especially when you’re a business owner and have to do all the things! Taking care of ourselves seems like the last thing that should be on our minds. But slowing down to refresh and recharge our physical, emotional, and mental well-being needs to become a priority.

Running on auto pilot doesn’t do anyone any good. Your business is here to serve and offer value, but how can you expect give your best if you aren’t taking care of your health and happiness in a way that you deserve? Yes, deserve!

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There have been too many times that I’d work on a single task for hours, only to later wonder when the last time I ate something was (and did I even have water today?). I’d stand up, stretch my achy back, and close my tired eyes, and wonder why I hadn’t so much as moved until now. It’s easy, when you’re taking care of a business, to forget to take care of yourself. All too often, this is the life of an entrepreneur, but it doesn’t have to be. Set a timer and take a break — several thought the day, ideally. They don’t need to long. Even 10 minutes here and there will do.


I’m not talking about your to-do list. I’m talking about the basics of life. In the previous point, I mentioned how even simple tasks like eating or drinking sometimes get lost among everything else that needs to be done, but these are things that keep you healthy. If you’ve been sitting for hours on end, stand up and walk around. Keep a glass of water on your desk so you remember to hydrate throughout the day. Set alarms so you don’t miss meals. Make one of those breaks above a little longer, and get some exercise in.


For most of us, the first thing we probably do in the mornings or before bed is check our screens — we pick up our phones and browse social media to see what we missed, or we open our laptop to check our emails. Let’s break that habit. Instead of looking at a screen first thing in the morning, let’s use this time to set the tone for the rest of the day. Lay quietly for a few minutes. Wake up slowly, if time allows. Pour yourself a cup of coffee and sit in the stillness for a few moments before going about your daily tasks. Maybe spend a few minutes reading, or journaling, or meditating. When your work hours are over, close your laptop for the night. Give yourself this time to rest.


I love whitespace in design and in my calendar. Leonardo Da Vinci one said that “simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication”, and I couldn’t agree more. As a business owner, you’ll no doubt have people wanting something from you at all times — consultations and meetings, collaborations and partnerships, requests for speaking engagements. Saying “yes” to it all is a quick way to get overwhelmed and burnt out. Leave space in your calendar where you aren’t doing anything.


Buy a new magazine. Brush on your favorite face mask. Light some candles and take a bubble bath. Or a nap. Go for a walk, or to that yoga class you’ve been thinking about. Get outside. Grab a coffee. Interact with other humans. Take time alone. Do what you need to rejuvenate, and make it a daily practice.


Until you make a habit of practicing self-care as an entrepreneur, there may be days when you feel guilty. “Why didn’t I get this task done today” or “I have so much waiting for me — I shouldn’t be relaxing” or “I’m not successful unless I’m always busy”. Be kind with yourself and with your thoughts.

What are your favorite self-care tips for busy entrepreneurs? What self-care practices have you made part of your routine, to keep your mental, emotional, and physical health in tip-top shape?

Give A Sh*t

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You may be feeling it — noticing it all around you. There’s a shift happening in the way businesses are being run. As a collective, we’re becoming more and more aware of the impact our choices have on the planet, our communities, and our own bodies.

Voyage + Heart strives work with artisans and conscious brands that make sustainability and ethical business practices a priority! Through this space, my hope (aside from helping business owners strengthen their brand), is to connect buyers with ethical makers; to shed a light on topics that inspire you to lead a slow, intentional life; and to offer transparency and education, so that consumers are empowered to be a part of the change and make better decisions.

What sort of impact does your business have?

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Standards + Values


With movements like #zerowaste and key words like “ethical”, “all-natural”, or “single-use plastic” rising in popularity, it’s hard to know how conscious a business really is. While I love that these topics are gaining attention and encourage consumers to think twice about who they buy from, many businesses seem to toss these words around, without being intentional about the impact they’re making. Transparency holds brands accountable! If you run a business that puts ethics and sustainability first, be clear about your values and practices! By being open and honest, you’ll bring awareness to topics that matter to you, while encouraging others to take steps to be more conscious in their business or everyday lives!


Being intentional about the ingredients you use (or, more importantly, don’t use!), means you’re choosing better for your health, better for the people who produce your products, and better for the environment. Where do you source your ingredients/materials? Are they safe for the earth, plants, animals, and humans that use them? Do your choices reduce your footprint? Swap synthetics for natural fabrics free of toxic chemicals like organic cotton, linen, hemp, etc. Use soy wax in candles instead of petroleum. Opt for natural, plant-based ingredients in your skincare line. Make your jewelry with earth-friendly recycled gold.


If you’ve been around for awhile, you may already know that the “Heart” in Voyage + Heart comes from the people behind the brands, their hearts, stories, passions and values. This goes so much further than even you or I! While there are many ways to keep businesses accountable, Fair Trade Certifications are just one them. Who made the clothes you’re wearing, or the products you’re using? Are they treated with kindness and respect? Paid fairly for their labor? What conditions do they work in? Did you carefully research responsible factories before going into production? These questions matter, and help ensure social justice and prevent exploitation by protecting the people who’s livelihood comes from making your products.


Are your products plastic-free? Have you replaced disposable plastics with paper, metal, or glass alternatives, which can be recycled or reused? Do you ship your customers their orders in environmentally-friendly materials? These are small steps that make a big difference, not only in the amount of waste we create, but in the impact on our landfills and oceans. Whenever possible, I ask that brands shipping products to Voyage + Heart refrain from using polystyrene packing peanuts (the chemical compound styrene makes them non-recyclable, and has negative impacts on the environment and our health), instead protecting products with biodegradable and/or recyclable materials like newspaper, sugarcane packaging, or compostable mailers.


Does your business operate with a social impact in mind? Community empowerment is a critical facet of a conscious business. From fighting against homelessness, starting a rescue foundation for unwanted pets, donating to various charities, and giving back in other ways, Voyage + Heart is PROUD to have worked with countless brands using their business to make a difference!



Share Your Story


Are you a conscious business striving to make a difference in the world? A shop owner that practices mindfulness and sustainability when deciding which products you offer? Do you need a little help creating beautiful, intentional, and cohesive images of your products for your online platforms, so that you can spend your valuable time doing more of what you love? Yes? I’d be delighted to work with you, and offer a range of packages for brands that are looking to improve their imagery, attract their target market and make more sales! If you’re ready to take the leap, click the button below and let’s talk!

Product Photography for White Leaf Provisions: Biodynamic Family Foods

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The brainchild of a professional photographer and a French-trained chef, Keith and Meghan Rowe are the founders behind White Leaf Provisions, a family brand offering biodynamic foods for babies and toddlers. First conceptualized late one night in 2014 over a bottle of red wine, in 2017 Keith and Meghan took friends and family on a seed round, finally launching their applesauce in April 2018 and baby food in August 2018.

Knowing many parents are worried about the kinds of food their children are eating, and the effect the farming behind those foods has not just on health, but the planet, they started the first business of it’s kind in the US. Going above and beyond other brands on the market when it comes to purity and transparency, their mission is simple: to produce better-for-you baby and toddler foods, farmed in a way that helps to heal the earth, so that the next generation can inherit a better planet!

Even better than organic, biodynamic farming works with the natural processes of life to revitalize the soil and encourage biodiversity. The methods used drops carbon down out of the atmosphere, actually helping to revert climate change. Regeneratively farmed, biodynamic, organic, and non-GMO, White Leaf Provisions completely bans all pesticides, herbicides, and fungicides. Instead, chemicals are replaced with farm-made herbal sprays and natural compost. Allowing Mother Nature to take the lead, planting and harvesting schedules are structured around the natural plant cycle.

Up until now, Meghan has done most of the photography shown on her Instagram page, but as White Leaf Provisions grows, she understandably needs to focus her time elsewhere. That’s where I came in, creating a cohesive set of imagery for their social feeds, marketing materials, and PR campaigns!

If you’re looking for a conscious food brand for your little ones, look no further than White Leaf Provisions, and feel confident that you’re choosing a company that works hard to respect the planet our children will inherit, and restore it for our future.


As a business owner, you wear a lot of hats, but “photographer” doesn’t need to be one of them! I know what it’s like to think there isn’t enough time in the day. Not to mention, plan, style, shoot, edit, end curate photos. What I’ve learned over the years is that time is valuable! If you’re ready to get the leverage you need to stand out in a crowded market — if you want to spend less time planning, and more time doing what you love — let me take this necessary work off your plate by creating thoughtful and bespoke imagery for your business!