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5 Secrets To Nail Your Brand Photography Session

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Have you ever come across a particular brand and just stopped in your tracks? You know the brands that seem to nail their visual imagery on their Instagram feed and leave you wanting more? Or the boss babes that you know you could be best friends with IRL? Have you ever stumbled on a website where their brand imagery is just so beautiful and cohesive, but more than that, it's shared consistently - fresh new content that gives you a peak into their world?

You can have that too! 

Your business is only as professional as the images you represent it with, and in todays world of entrepreneurship, strong photography is a must have. Through personal brand photography, you can have your own gallery of strong, intentional imagery that was designed specifically to fulfill your needs, show off the quality of your work, and create consistency within your brand, so that you can attract your dream clients and make more sales!

Don't need to convince you? Great! But now that you know this is something you need, you may be wondering if there's anything you could be doing to prep for your personal brand or product photography session to help it go as smoothly as possible. That's where these tips come in:

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 Tip #1 Do your homework

Investing in your business is worth every cent if it means you're getting clear on your message and aesthetic, because that means a straighter path to finding and attracting your ideal clients! Put together a moodboard of inspiration that evokes the style you desire. Write down your message. Narrow down your target market and sit down to really study your brand. Your brand isn’t just a logo, but the colors you use, the fonts throughout your website, and even the tone of voice you speak/write in.

Tip #2: Know the purpose of your images

What will you be using the images for? Will they be primarily for social media use (Instagram marketing, Facebook)? Or on your website? Blog? Shop? Maybe an ad in a magazine? Create a list of all the ways you plan to youse these images, so that your photographer has a clear idea of what kind of images they’ll need to take, whether portrait or landscape works best, or where negative space may be needed.


Tip #3: Find A photographer Who Takes The Time To Understand Your Vision

Have you found a photographer who’s style you love? Browse their galleries or social media feed. Read their blog posts or captions. Their stories. If you've fallen in love with someone in particular, don't be afraid to ask them to travel to you if they're not local.

Something important to consider when choosing a photographer is to make sure they take the time to get to the heart of your brand. They should ask you questions — not just about your aesthetic, but about your brand, target market, and visual needs.

Work closely together throughout the process and be clear about your vision to make sure you're on the same page. Make working together feel natural by opening up to them about your business, goals, and what you want to portray. Answer their questions fully and in detail. When your photographer can understand the needs of you and your audience, they can more easily create art that stirs an emotional response inside the people that interact with your brand, building know, like, and trust.


Tip #4. Source those details

Give yourself ample time to source details and plan a shot list for anything "must have". It doesn't need to be too long or specific, but if there's something you really want (i.e.: "please take a horizontal wide angle shot of (insert product here) to use as a website banner") don't be afraid to mention it!

Your photographer should have a prop collection of basic pieces they can style your images with, but there’s no guarantee that their props will be a fit. These images are made for you, so to ensure they stand out and tell your unique story, take the time to carefully consider the products and styling props you send your photographer.

Source interesting, unique pieces that add to your brand. For calligraphers or papermakers, this could be vintage stamps, little handmade dishes, or silk ribbon. Chefs or bakers could hunt down some unique flatware or ceramic place settings to style a tablescape, or browse antique markets for jugs to fill with flowers. If you're planning a full personal brand session and will be in photos (headshots/lifestyle), don't forget workspace details, or outfits that particularly speak to you and match the aesthetic you want to portray.

If you're not on a strict timeline, try to work with your photographer for about a month before the day of your brand shoot so that you have ample time to put together all the details you need — don't rush it, but savor the planning and allow it to be fun!


Tip #5: Make it a priority

Now that you understand the importance of a brand or product photography session, make it a priority! This isn't a one and done type of deal. Make room on your calendar 2-4 times per year to revisit your visual imagery, decide what needs to be updated, and start the new season out with a bang! By putting out fresh, new content on a consistent basis, you’ll keep prospective clients interested and strengthen your visual message!

Creating a working relationship with your photographer helps them get to know you and understand your brand better over time, and besides being easier, with each shoot their work will become a clearer and clearer representation of your brand.



If you’re ready to make sure the visuals you represent your business with tell your unique story and strengthen your business — if you want to convert visitors into paying clients — let’s talk about what product photography can do to help elevate your brand and give you the life you’ve been dreaming of! Have a question about prepping for your personal brand or product photography session? Leave a comment below!