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3 Connection-Building Instagram Prompts That You Can Reuse Over And Over Again!

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I’m calling it like it is. Writing captions is hard. And that’s coming from me — someone who takes much delight in writing, and who’s captions tend to be on the longer and more detailed side. Still, there have been countless times I’ve opened Instagram out of pressure to post, only to close the app in frustration.

Captions matter. And when you can pair together emotion-evoking imagery and strategic storytelling, you’re better able to reach those who are eager to engage and connect with you! That’s why today I’m giving you three connection-building Instagram prompts (absolutely free!) that you can re-use over and over again.

These prompt’s aren’t the typical copy and paste, one sentence, fill-in-the blank captions that you can buy from an influencer, use once, then move onto the next because they can’t be used again without getting repetitive. They aren’t the eye-roll inducing freebies lazily handed out, like a quote or song lyrics, which in no way add value, create engagement, or present an invitation to connect further. Instead, they’re meant to make you stop, think, find understanding within your brand, tell stories to connect with your audience, and answer questions to build trust. Breaking down each prompt, answer only one or two questions at a time, and you should be able to get several different captions!

Find them below, and bookmark this page for later so that you can reference these questions whenever you’re in a creative rut, the words aren’t coming easily, or you’re looking for inspiration. If you use them, feel free to tag me, @VoyageAndHeart, on Instagram — I’d love to see your take!

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1. Share your journey

Tell your audience about a memory that’s led you to your current career path. Are you a photographer? Share about the first time you picked up a camera, or the first picture you remember taking. Did you major in something different than your current field? Did you quit your full time job to chase after your passion? What defining moment made you realize this is what you want to do with your life? How have experiences throughout your journey impacted where you are at today?

2. Get Descriptive

One look at my Instagram feed, and you’ll notice one thing — I love telling stories. It wasn’t always so easy, but over time I’ve learned what makes a story truly captivating! Take any experience you’ve had lately and put it into words in a way that makes your audience feel like they were there with you. One of my favorite tips for writing? Use the senses: sight, sound, smell, taste, and touch.

3. Educate

Help potential customers understand why your work is important! Share about the process — all that goes on behind the scenes, or what it’s like for you to create the final product. Tell them a story about a previous client or customer who bought your product or hired your services. How did you make the experience special for them? How did it feel to work together? Share how your products were used, how they impacted your client, or how they can solve the problems of your target market! End this caption with a call to action, inviting them to connect with you off the app (i.e.: click over to your website or blog, make a purchase from your shop, sign up for your newsletter, etc).



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